Class Notes: Gin & Cocktails have been close bedfellows throughout history. From the early days of gin punch to the current golden age of the cocktail. The rise and fall of has been intertwined through time. Today gin enjoys a relationship with more classic cocktails than any other spirit, some receiving just a fleeting moment of fame, other enduring timelessly. The history of these drinks charts a rich course through the gin years, one which we look forward to sharing with you. 

Join leading gin expert Simon Ford & renowned craft cocktail Bartender Tim Cooper as they take you on a journey through cocktail history, more specifically through a time line of the classic gin cocktails that made gin famous. Tracing its early origins as the original cocktail through to modern day classics such as the Bramble. Simon & Tim will use this story as a narrative to also teach you the techniques behind each drink while sharing stories and anecdotes from gin and cocktail cultures colorful past into the modern day. 

We will discuss nine cocktails (Limmer’s Punch, OriGINal Cocktail, Gimlet, Martini, Negroni, Bees Knees, Gin Sling, Bramble, London Calling)

Cocktails to be made: Limmers Punch/Tom Collins , Martini, Bees Knees, Bramble.

Food Menu:  Prince St. Pizza + Charcuterie and cheese pairings with bread, pita, and cracker boards. Assorted veggies, dips, hummus, and olives, assorted sides will also be served.



Liquor Lab reserves the right to refuse service to any guests who appear to be intoxicated or acknowledge intoxication.