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Flaviar’s Advent Calendar 2023: A Whiskey Adventure of a Lifetime

Flaviar's Advent Calendar 2023

Last Updated on February 2, 2024 by Lydia Martin

My Journey with Flaviar’s Advent Calendar 2023: A Whiskey Adventure of a Lifetime

Flaviar's Advent Calendar 2023
Flaviar’s Advent Calendar 2023


A Whiskey Enthusiast’s Delight – Flaviar’s Advent Calendar 2023

As a whiskey enthusiast, I always search for new flavors and undiscovered treasures to refine my palate. This holiday season, I stumbled upon the Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar 2023 – a ticket to embark on a global journey through the fascinating world of whiskey.

A Global Whiskey Adventure

Flaviar’s Advent Calendar 2023 is a treasure trove of 24 unique whiskey samples harvested from 8 countries. It boasts award-winning and innovative releases from this year, offering an adventure that transports me from the peaty landscapes of Scotland to the cherry blossom-infused distilleries of Japan, the verdant fields of Ireland, and the bold flavors of the United States.

Whiskey Samples From Flaviar's Advent Calendar 2023
Whiskey Samples From Flaviar’s Advent Calendar 2023

Unraveling “The Lost Art of Distillation: The Amber Kingdom”

This year’s calendar, themed “The Lost Art of Distillation: The Amber Kingdom,” is an absolute delight! Each 1.7-ounce sample opens up a world of rich history and unique flavors that encapsulate the essence of whiskey.

But the Flaviar Advent Calendar 2023 isn’t just about variety. It’s about curating a collection of exceptional whiskeys that genuinely represent the craft. It features SFWSA Double Gold winners like the Naked Malt and Uncle Nearest, American whiskey legends like Journeyman Featherbone Bourbon, and the latest Whiskey releases in 2023, such as the Pōkeno Origin New Zealand Single Malt Whisky. And for those like me who relish a good surprise, the calendar also includes an exclusive preview of a mystery 2024 Single Malt Scotch release.

The best part? No repeat whiskeys. Each day is a unique journey, a new destination on this global whiskey adventure.

More Than Just Tasting, It’s Learning

The Flaviar Advent Calendar is an educational journey as well. The package includes 2 Glencairn tasting glasses, an enlightening journal filled with tantalizing tidbits, and ample space for personal tasting notesThese additions transform each tasting into a learning experience, providing insight into the distillery, its history, and each whiskey sample’s unique flavors and aromas.

Gateway to the Flaviar Community

The Advent Calendar is more than just a whiskey tour; it’s also a passport to the Flaviar community. The calendar comes with a complimentary one-year Flaviar membership, which grants access to exclusive bottles, special bottle pricing, free shipping on select items, and more!

Packaging That Creates an Impression

The packaging of the Advent Calendar is no less impressive. High-quality and aesthetically pleasing, it enhances the overall experience and makes for an excellent gift (even if it’s a gift to myself).

Packs a Lot of Value for Money

Flaviar’s Whiskey Advent Calendar 2023 holds whiskey wonders found only in this Advent calendar and that average 2x the shelf price of other boxes—some even come from $150+ bottles! With 24 samples of some of the best whiskeys in the world, it’s a great way to try different varieties and explore the vast world of whiskey without breaking the bank

Limited Edition Flaviar’s Advent Calendar 2023 – Get Yours Now!

But remember, this limited-edition Advent Calendar is known to sell out quickly each year. Order soon to secure your Flaviar Advent Calendar 2023 and embark on a global whiskey journey this holiday season.

Conclusion: A Must-Have for Whiskey Enthusiasts

In conclusion, the Flaviar Advent Calendar 2023 presents a unique way to discover new whiskeys and expand your collection. Its curated selection of premium samples, Glencairn tasting glasses, educational journal, one-year membership, and high-quality packaging is a must-have for any whiskey enthusiast like me. I can’t think of a better gift for your favorite whiskey enthusiasts. Order yours today to ensure you receive it in time for the holiday season!

Flaviar and Liquor Lab are thrilled to team up and offer our community an exclusive $15 off on the Flaviar Whiskey Advent Calendar. Just punch in the code “LL15” at checkout to receive the discount.!

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