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Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Price Guide & Best Review (2024)

Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Price

Currently, Costco offers ten whiskey expressions under its Kirkland Signature brand. One of which is the Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey.

Because it often gets compared to the two Tennesee whiskey giants, Jack Daniel’s and George Dickel, many whiskey enthusiasts became very interested in this distilled spirit.

Read on to find out everything about the Kirkland Tennessee whiskey – price, mash bills, history, and more!

About Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey 

Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey

Kirkland Signature Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey is one of the ten whiskey expressions of Costco bottled with a 40% alcohol content and costs around $18.99 to $36.99 per 1.75 liters. 

Around November 2020, Costco announced its partnership with the Tennessee Distilling Company on its official Facebook page.

Mike Williams, the company’s Master Distiller, disclosed that he blends the spirit using non-GMO grains. It uses a mash bill of 70% corn, 15% rye, and 15% barley.

Although this Tennessee whiskey does not carry an official age statement, its back label reveals that this spirit has been aged for four years. 

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Interesting Facts About Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Price 

Interesting Facts 


Although there’s not much information about Kirkland Tennessee whiskey’s official release date, based on the video released by Costco’s official Facebook page, this spirit was introduced to the public on November 26, 2020. 

It wasn’t released to all Costco stores at once, even a year later. However, most Costco stores in various states have started to put this spirit on their shelves. 

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Production & Maturation Process

Charcoal Mellowing

This Tennessee whiskey is primarily made of corn-based sour mash. It is mellowed through a dense layer of sweet sugar maple charcoal through the “Lincoln County Process,” providing the spirit’s unique character.

Since this spirit is a Tennessee whiskey, it undergoes almost the same production process as bourbon, except it undergoes the Lincoln County Process [1].

It is produced in the state of Tennessee, adhering to strict requirements of labeling Tennessee whiskeys [2].

It is matured in American white oak barrels and settled into rick houses for four years.

Base Materials

This whiskey uses select corn sour mash, water, and malted barley. Mike Williams says they only use non-GMO grains to produce this spirit. 

Although its mash bill hasn’t been officially disclosed, most people speculate that it uses the mash bill comprising 70% corn, 15% rye, and 15% barley.

Ownership & Distillery

Tennessee Distilling Company

Kirkland Tennessee whiskey is one of the official spirits of Costco’s Kirkland Signature. It is distilled and bottled by the Tennessee Distilling Company and blended by Mike Williams, the company’s Master Distiller. More on who makes Kirkland Tennessee whiskey here

Tasting Notes 

  • Palate: Candied sweetness with fruit notes of stone and tropical fruits like mango and melon, vanilla, some toasted oak, cinnamon, hints of charred wood, and some pepperiness with a slight but persistent bitterness
  • Color: Light copper
  • Nose: Noticeable sweetness with savory notes of caramel and some hints of mint
  • Finish: Long, sweet, and a smooth finish with lingering notes of dried fruits

Common Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Price

TypeSizeAlcohol By VolumeAverage Price
Kirkland Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey1.75 liters40%$18.99 to $36.99

Compared to Other Tennessee Whiskeys

Compared to Other Tennessee Whiskeys

George Dickel

Most people claim that Kirkland Tennessee whiskey tastes like George Dickel. However, Costco’s Tennesse Sour Mash whiskey tastes slightly sweeter than George Dickel’s No. 8 Sour Mash Tennessee Whiskey. 

You can get George Dickel at roughly $36 for a 1.75-liter bottle, almost the same price as Kirkland’s.

Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey costs around $45 on Drizly online, obviously more expensive than Kirkland’s. 

Most people say Kirkland Tennessee whiskey is a Jack Daniel’s knock-off because they taste similar. However, Kirkland whiskey tastes drier, smoother, and has less bite than Jack Daniel’s.

Uncle Nearest 

Uncle Nearest

Uncle Nearest 1856 premium whiskey costs .99 for a 750-ml bottle on Drizly online. It’s more expensive than Kirkland because it’s an inaugural whiskey released for a special occasion.

Although it is bottled at 100 proof, it can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.

Popular Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Cocktail Recipe

Popular Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Cocktail Recipe


whiskey highball

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes


  • 2 oz Kirkland Tennessee whiskey
  • 2 oz fresh lemon sour
  • 3 dashes of orange bitters
  • chilled dry ginger ale
  • ice

Instructions: Add all ingredients In a mixing glass except for the chilled dry ginger ale. Then, shake the glass with ice until the mixture is well blended. 

Strain the mixture into an ice-filled Highball glass. Spritz with chilled dry ginger ale. You may garnish it with a  swizzle stick and freshly cut orange slices. Serve.

Serving: 1


Prep Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 2 minutes


  • 2 oz Kirkland Tennessee whiskey 
  • 1/2 oz sweet, Italian vermouth
  • Ice
  • 2 dashes of Angostura bitters
  • cocktail cherry or orange peel (optional) 

Instructions: Combine all the ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and then stir for 30 seconds. Let the mixture sit for at least 30 seconds before straining it into a cocktail glass. 

You may garnish it with a cocktail cherry or an orange peel. Serve.

Serving: 1 

FAQs Related to Kirkland Tennessee Whiskey Price 

What is the typical price range for Kirkland Tennessee whiskey?

Kirkland Tennessee whiskey, known for its quality and affordability, typically falls within a budget-friendly price range. The exact price can vary depending on factors such as the size of the bottle, the specific location or retailer, and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

However, on average, you can expect to find Kirkland Tennessee whiskey priced competitively compared to other brands in its category.

Whether you’re purchasing a bottle for everyday enjoyment or stocking up for special occasions, Kirkland Tennessee whiskey offers excellent value for its quality and taste.

Are there different versions or expressions of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey available?

Yes, Kirkland Tennessee whiskey is available in various versions or expressions, offering consumers a range of options to suit their preferences. These expressions may differ in terms of aging, proof, flavor profile, or other characteristics, providing versatility and choice for whiskey enthusiasts.

Some expressions may be labeled as single barrel, small batch, or aged statements, indicating specific production methods or aging processes.

Additionally, Kirkland Tennessee whiskey may offer variations in taste, ranging from smooth and mellow to bold and robust, allowing consumers to explore different flavor profiles within the brand.

Does the price of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey vary between regions?

While the price of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey may vary slightly between regions, it generally remains consistent within a reasonable range across different markets. Factors such as local taxes, import/export duties, and distribution costs may influence pricing variations between regions.

Additionally, retailer pricing strategies and market demand can impact the price of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey in specific locations.

However, Kirkland Tennessee whiskey is known for its affordability and accessibility, making it an attractive option for whiskey enthusiasts seeking quality spirits at a reasonable price.

Whether you’re purchasing Kirkland Tennessee whiskey in your local area or while traveling, you can expect to find it priced competitively compared to other whiskey brands, offering excellent value for its quality and taste.

Can I find Kirkland Tennessee whiskey on sale or discounted?

Yes, it’s possible to find Kirkland Tennessee whiskey on sale or discounted at various times throughout the year. Like many other spirits and consumer goods, Kirkland Tennessee whiskey may be subject to promotions, special offers, or discounts from retailers, especially during holiday seasons, special events, or clearance sales.

Keep an eye out for advertisements, flyers, or online promotions from your local retailers to take advantage of any discounted prices or promotional deals on Kirkland Tennessee whiskey.

Additionally, membership-based warehouse clubs that carry Kirkland-branded products may offer exclusive discounts or promotions for their members.

Is Kirkland Tennessee whiskey priced competitively compared to other brands?

Yes, Kirkland Tennessee whiskey is known for its competitive pricing compared to other brands in the same category. Kirkland, the private label brand owned by Costco Wholesale Corporation, is renowned for offering high-quality products at value prices, including spirits like whiskey.

By leveraging its buying power and direct relationships with suppliers, Costco is able to negotiate favorable pricing for Kirkland Tennessee whiskey, passing on the savings to consumers.

As a result, Kirkland Tennessee whiskey often provides excellent value for its quality and taste, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious whiskey enthusiasts seeking affordable yet satisfying spirits.

Are there any additional costs associated with purchasing Kirkland Tennessee whiskey?

While the price of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey itself is typically straightforward and competitive, there may be additional costs associated with purchasing the product, depending on factors such as location, retailer policies, and any applicable taxes or fees.

For example, some jurisdictions may impose sales taxes or excise taxes on alcoholic beverages, which can increase the final purchase price of Kirkland Tennessee whiskey.

Additionally, if you’re purchasing Kirkland Tennessee whiskey from a retailer that requires membership, such as a warehouse club like Costco, you may need to factor in the cost of membership if you’re not already a member.

However, these additional costs are generally standard considerations when purchasing any alcoholic beverage and are not specific to Kirkland Tennessee whiskey itself. Overall, Kirkland Tennessee whiskey offers excellent value for its quality and taste, with transparent pricing and minimal additional costs for consumers.

Final Thoughts 

Kirkland Tennessee whiskey costs around $18.99 to $36.99 for 1.75 liters, depending on the state where the Costo store is located. It’s cheaper than Jack Daniels and George Dickel, to which it has always been compared.

It has a smoother, sweeter, and mellower taste with less bite than Jack Daniels, making it an excellent option, especially when you’re budget is restricted. 

If you want to try this Tennessee whiskey, we suggest drinking it alongside other Tennessee whiskeys. 


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