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Kirkland Vodka Price, Bottle Size, and Types Guide (2024)

Kirkland Vodka Price

Costco’s game is quality in quantity, and its Signature Kirkland vodka brand is no exception.

If you are planning to try Kirkland Signature vodka, we’ve got you covered because we spent 18 hours digging up important information about Costco’s new vodka expressions. 

They say Kirkland vodka is hard to pass up, so we did an honest review to see if it is truly a bang for your buck. Read on. 

All About Kirkland Vodka and Kirkland Vodka Price

Kirkland Vodka bottle on a tiled countertop

Vodka enthusiasts will agree that Costco’s Kirkland vodka is something hard to pass up because of its affordable price and smooth and elegant finish.

It is widely compared to famous vodka brands like Grey Goose and Tito’s, but it is sweeter and is a brighter liquor. 

Costco is a warehouse giant that offers two vodka expressions under their Kirkland brand: Kirkland Signature French vodka (red labeled bottle) and Kirkland Signature American vodka (blue labeled bottle).

The premium French vodka, a bright liquor, is more expensive than the Kirkland American vodka, which you can buy in Costco warehouses. 

The Kirkland vodkas are good for mixed drinks, but if you want a thin and smooth finish, both work well alone. 

A Closer Look 

History & Origin

Costco offers Kirkland vodka as their signature brand in the spirit and wine category. It has two varieties: Kirkland Signature French vodka and Kirkland Signature American vodka. 

The Kirkland Signature French vodka came from the famous neighboring Cognac houses in Grande Champagne. On the other hand, based on the Certificate of Label Approval of Kirkland vodka, the Kirkland American vodka is made in California. 

How It’s Made 

distillation machine

The American vodka undergoes six distillation processes in Mira Loma, California. The Kirkland Signature American vodka uses pure spring water and the finest American heartland grains. 

The grains are loaded into a cooking chamber and mixed with purified spring water before undergoing the distillation process (which makes both variants gluten-free). 

Meanwhile, the Gayant Distillery makes Kirkland’s French vodka, and its sourced distillation techniques come from Cognac houses in France. 

The French brand goes through five distillation processes which makes a big difference from Grey Goose, which goes through one-time distillation based on the brand’s global head [1]. 

Aging Process & Age Statement

Similar to well-known vodkas such as Grey Goose, Ketel One vodka, and Tito’s, the Kirkland Signature American and French versions do not undergo an aging process. Also, the bottle label does not disclose any age statement.

Both spirits come in a minimalist bottle, which is well adored by many. In the spirit industry, gin and vodka are typically unaged [2], making both alcohols clear in color. 

Ownership & Distillery

costco store

The Kirkland Signature vodka is owned by Costco, one of the world’s largest retailers of wine and spirits. But who makes Kirkland vodka?

Unlike other brands, Costco does not own a distillery, so they source spirits from distilleries and distribute it under their brand Kirkland Signature. 

Gayant distills Kirkland’s French vodka (red label – French version) in France, and they source their water in Gensac Springs. Levecke Corp. California distills Kirkland’s American vodka (blue label – American version). 

The distillery is responsible for making Costco American vodka from grain to bottle. Aside from Costco, Levecke works with retailers such as Safeway, Kroger, Supervalu, and PAU Maui vodka, a pineapple vodka. 

Tasting Notes 

  • Palate – Smooth, pleasant, citrus, sweet, silky, and bright
  • Color/Hue – Crystal clear
  • Nose – Vanilla, citrus, less astringent
  • Finish – Clean, elegant, and with medium weight

Common Kirkland Vodka Prices

NameCountry of OriginSizeAlcohol ContentAverage Price
Kirkland Signature American VodkaCanada1.75 L40%Around $15.39 on Drizly
Kirkland Signature French VodkaFrance1.75 L40%Around $28.99 on Total Beverage

Compared To Other Vodkas 

Tito’s Vodka

Tito's Vodka on a bar counter

Tito’s is more expensive than Kirkland brand vodka because a 1.75 L bottle of Tito’s on Drizly may cost around $35.99. The hand-made vodka works well as a cocktail mixer like Kirkland vodka; however, Kirkland’s is almost half the price of Tito’s vodka

Tito’s remains true to its roots, and every batch is taste-tested for a smooth and impeccably clean finish. It is closely priced with French vodka, and the same region inspires its distillation process in France. 

Grey Goose Vodka

bottle of a Grey Goose Vodka

Commonly, Costco does not disclose its spirits’ source and keeps its lips sealed. But Joe McCanta, Grey Goose’s global head, dismissed the rumor that they produce, distill, or privately label Kirkland vodka. 

A 1.75L bottle is around $59.99, a great price for its quality. However, compared to its price from Costco vodka, Grey Goose is an expensive French vodka that is best enjoyed straight. 

Ketel One Vodka

close up shot of Ketel One Vodka  bottle label

Like the two brands mentioned above, Ketel One is also more expensive than Kirkland vodka. The Costco vodka is priced at around $28.99 per 1.75 L, while Ketel One is roughly $43 per 1.75 L. 

Ketel One has a nice aroma and signature silky softness that coats your tongue. It is a premium spirit with a long finish and subtle flavors guaranteeing superior quality. It could be an expensive alternative, but it has good quality. 


Is Kirkland vodka similar to Grey Goose?

No, Kirkland is not similar to Grey Goose. Based on USA Today, Kirkland is distilled five times, while Grey Goose is distilled once to preserve the vodka’s profile and quality natural ingredients.
However, since they both came from France and used similar spring water, it created rumors.

Will Kirkland vodka get you drunk?

Yes, Kirkland vodka can get you drunk. The Kirkland Signature French vodka and American vodka contain 40% ABV, which is enough to get someone drunk. If you consume two to three shots in an hour, it will definitely get you drunk. 

Where does Kirkland vodka come from?

Kirkland vodka comes from Canada and France. Costco sources both vodka expressions for their Kirkland Signature brand. 

Does Kirkland vodka have sugar in it?

No, Kirkland vodka does not contain sugar. Since both vodkas are pure and do not contain flavorings, it is gluten-free and does not contain sugar.
The sugar content of the base ingredients is shredded in the distilling process, so the alcohol is safe to drink by people with gluten intolerance. 

How much does Kirkland vodka typically cost?

The price of Kirkland vodka can vary depending on the location of the Costco warehouse, bottle size, and any ongoing promotions or discounts. However, it is generally known for being competitively priced compared to other vodka brands.

Are there different varieties or sizes of Kirkland vodka available?

Yes, Kirkland vodka is available in different varieties, including traditional vodka and flavored vodka options. It is also sold in various bottle sizes, such as 1.75 liters, 1 liter, and smaller sizes.

Why is Kirkland vodka often praised for its price?

Kirkland vodka is often praised for its affordability without compromising on quality. Despite its lower price point compared to some premium vodka brands, many consumers find Kirkland vodka to be a great value for its taste and smoothness.

Can I purchase Kirkland vodka without a Costco membership?

Generally, Kirkland vodka is sold exclusively at Costco warehouses, which require a membership for purchases. However, some Costco locations may allow non-members to purchase alcohol from the warehouse’s liquor store without a membership, depending on local laws and regulations.

Are there any factors that may affect the price of Kirkland vodka?

Factors such as taxes, import duties, and transportation costs may impact the price of Kirkland vodka. Additionally, any changes in production costs or supply chain logistics could also influence pricing.

On A Final Note

You don’t need to spend lavishly on premium vodka because Kirkland Signature American and Kirkland French vodka are worth every dollar.

For excellent and distinct flavor, texture, and price, Kirkland is a great go-to vodka for its crowd-pleasing ability and smoothness. 

Based on our blind taste tests, it is versatile alcohol that can be enjoyed neat or as a cocktail base.  


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