Private Events

Private events are an all-inclusive, world-class beverage experience, complete with tastefully paired small plates. You'll receive the same high-caliber experience as our regularly scheduled classes shared exclusively with your inner circle.

Events book out to more than 6 months in advance and bookings will be finalized in the order full deposits are received. Additionally, if you don’t know the exact date at the time of the order you can give us a tentative date that will be confirmed based upon your deposit ranking as you finalize your plans.

Browse the menus below. When you have decided to book, reach out via e-mail to complete your booking. Rest assured, there are no extra fees, hidden charges, or silly rules that prevent you from customizing your event (or bringing a birthday cake).

Here is a rundown of how you can get your private event up and running:

  • All group sizes up to 50 guests are welcome. There is a 20 guest minimum charge for groups smaller than 20.
  • Average private event costs are $79 - $99/guest + tax (this cost is all inclusive, there are no additional charges).  Some rare wine/spirits events have additional costs; please inquire via e-mail for additional questions. 
  • Events average 2 hours in length and include a small plate buffet (various catering options available).


  • Pick the menu/theme and book your event.
  • Gather your coworkers/team members before the event.
  • Create and drink specialty cocktails and have a blast!


  • Pick the menu/theme and book your event.
  • Liquor Lab can create a private event page where friends can individually book/pay for their reservations.
  • Share the link to your page with your friends.
  • Make sure your friends reserve their seats before the event.
  • Create and drink specialty cocktails and have a blast!

Send inquiries to