Big Ballers (Pinot Noir)
Big Ballers (Pinot Noir)

Big Ballers (Pinot Noir)

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So you think your company knows how to roll with the big boys?  Have you ever thought of creating/blending your own Oregon Pinot Noir?  Learn about wine making while naming and creating your own delicious blend which will be aged and bottled in Oregon then shipped to NY.  There will be a full 5 course Pinot Noir blending experience with food pairing during this event.  

Angela Estate has three estate single vineyards, planted exclusively to Pinot Noir located in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA in Oregon. The winemakers (and your team) will break out the pipettes and wine beakers and will help custom craft a specific wine for you, and only you.  This isn't your average "custom wine label" experience where they print a sticker and put it on top of a label.  This is the real deal, with your own custom label, and wine, legally filed and approved.

You will be allotted 150 cases (12 bottles per case) of your specific blend to be shared with your friends or employees. It’s a great way to commemorate your experience as well as keep some extras for company/client gifts, rewards, etc...

At 24$ per bottle and a 150 case mandate this experience is only for those looking to truly reward their guests/teams/coworkers. However, this is something no one else will ever be able to do as official as you.

Wine Menu: A curated selection of wines that will be experienced, then used to create your blend. Each wine will be experienced through our culinary sensory garden, and our unique food pairings created custom for this event only.

Food Menu: Large private-event format pairing buffet for each course including charcuterie and cheeses, hummus, pita, pickles, dips, a bread and cracker board, and assorted chocolates and dessert treats will be served.  Additionally, each course during the blending experience will have custom pairings created by our chef for the evening.

Total Private Event Cost: $149/guest+tax + the 150 case order ($25-30k= 150cases*12 bottles/case 1,800 bottles, paid direct to the vineyard once your blend has been created (we are not legally allowed to make any margin on the sale of bottles, this is an experience we curate for the guests to create unique value).