BURGERS & BEAUJOLAIS (Feb. 10th, 6:30-8:30PM)

BURGERS & BEAUJOLAIS (Feb. 10th, 6:30-8:30PM)

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Set in East Central France, the Beaujolais region lies sandwiched between two of the finest wine growing areas in the world. With Rhone to the south, and Burgundy to the north, it may come as a surprise to some that the majority of the grapes grown in this territory are of one type: Gamay (pronounced: Gam-may). This grape has a storied history of both quality (ten crus), and manipulation (Beaujolais Nouveau), but thanks to its food-friendly versatility, the wine has made strides to the forefront of credibility where it belongs.

In this two hour experience, we partner with one of our favorite NYC spots for a delicious slider pairing that will inspire you to reach for the wine list the next time you’re craving a burger. The four courses within the session embody everything that the region is known for: light, fruity and easy-to-drink reds — ideal for a party or a picnic. Led by our wine expert, guests will not only experience their wines alongside slider pairings, but with a culinary sensory garden, placed at each table, as well.  

Wine Menu: This experience is a true comparative tasting of the Gamay grape.  One wine is from outside the Beaujolais region, another is Beaujolais Nouveaux, and two are full-flavored Cru Beaujolais.  

Food Menu: All wines are matched with mini sliders, topped with perfectly paired ingredients to savor the moment — and by moment, we mean wine.