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Cult wines are the pigeon-blood ruby of the wine world. They are engorged in a mystery and delight that can only be satiated by a tasting. Of course, actually getting to try a cult wine presents a bit of a challenge, because the supply is so low that even some deep-pocketed buyers go destitute. This, in turn, skyrockets the price which increases the wine’s fame, and then the price goes up more…but we digress.

This two hour tour includes a selection of wine from the regions most storied wine-makers and will ensure you and your guests are surprised, spoiled, and satisfied, while toasting to the finer (and exceptional) things in life.  Each main course wine will be experienced through our culinary sensory garden (every place setting has their own culinary sensory garden).

Food Menu: Large, private-event style buffet featuring a wide array of veggies and dips in addition to a charcuterie of cured meats, bread and cheese board (optional upgrades available).

Total Private Event Cost: $149/guest+tax