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This two hour pairing tour takes you beyond the Pinot Noirs and Cabs to discover a world of delicious full-bodied reds.  Full-bodied red wines are more costly to produce, because they usually require extended aging and the use of oak barrels. Even more interesting though, are the varietal wines that fly under the radar in this category.

Step outside of your boundary in the Red Wine category, and enjoy a selection of reds from the less frequented, but equally delicious, corners of the globe.  Each main course wine will be experienced through our culinary sensory garden (every place setting has their own culinary sensory garden).  Lastly, enjoy mingling with co-workers, friends and guests in between wine courses. 

Food Menu: Large, private-event style buffet featuring a wide array of veggies and dips in addition to a charcuterie of cured meats, bread and cheese board (optional upgrades available).

Total Private Event Cost: $109/guest+tax