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Vintage Port is one of the world’s great classic wines. In many respects it is the precursor of fine wine as we know it today. Many of the iconic Vintage Port houses are family owned and have histories dating back to the origins of the Port trade over 300 years ago. They produce among the most highly rated wines in the world. 

Enjoy a four course Vintage Port Wine experience led by our wine professional, a certified sommelier, and learn what makes Vintage Port so special.  Each main course wine will be experienced through our culinary sensory garden (every place setting has their own culinary sensory garden).

Food Menu: Large, private-event style buffet featuring a wide array of veggies and dips in addition to a charcuterie of cured meats, hummus, bread, pitas, and cheese board (optional upgrades available).

Total Private Event Cost: $119/guest+tax