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Before Liquor Lab officially opens its doors, be one of the exclusive few to experience New York’s most innovative cocktail-making classes. The city’s best new spot for drinks with friends, dates, and parties of all sizes is offering preview-opening reservations. These secured spots guarantee a seat at the bar, ahem, behind the bar, for one of the special preview openings.  Should your tickets go unused for these events (work conflicts, last minute plans – we get it, it happens), the tickets can be fully credited toward any event following the grand opening. As an added bonus, all preview-opening guests will receive a Liquor Lab cocktail tool kit for shaking and stirring at their next home gathering.

Class notes: Japan is known for more than a few things: cherry blossoms, sushi, and ramen – but when it comes to whiskey, the country is a bit of a newcomer. Their first whiskey distillery debuted in 1924, and they use rice (rather than barley, corn, wheat or rye) to create a notably different flavored spirit. Perfecting their craft has led to an explosion of popularity and acclaim in recent years.

Learn what makes Japanese whiskey so special while enjoying a line up from the houses of Hakashu, Yamazaki, Nikka and Hibiki. A spirit specialist will guide tasters through 5 of the top rated Japanese marks, in addition to creating a classic Japanese ice ball (should you choose to partake, with a Japanese ice press), while mingling with friends and making new ones, in between imbibing and drink instruction.

Cocktail Menu: Experience Hakashu, Yamazaki, Nikka and Hibiki in a lively setting. Through our program’s “Ways to Enjoy Fine Spirits” session, attendees learn how to appreciate each variety.

Food Menu: Charcuterie and cheese pairings with bread, pita, and cracker boards. Assorted veggies, dips, hummus, and olives, will also be served.