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This option can be added to the end of your private or corporate event (+$25-$125/guest depending on the gift selection granted to challenge winner(s) or the entire party).  

End your event by breaking off into teams and creating a cocktail from our ingredient buffet, using the skills you've honed — balancing, muddling, stirring, shaking, etc.— from class. 

Each cocktail will be judged by Liquor Lab staff on taste and balance, as well as presentation (judged by event leaders or a designated event member), and the cocktail name (judged by event leaders or a designated event member).

Winners (or all participants) will each get a gift to take home selected by you. Options include: a cocktail kit, Old Fashioned kit, an infusion kit, barrel aging kit, e-voucher for bottle delivery, more. (Cost dependent on selection and number of guests.)