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This option can be added to the end of your private or corporate event (+$15-$50/guest depending on the gift selection granted to challenge winner(s) or the entire party).  

The Whiskey Smash cocktail recipe consists of uncomplicated ingredients: whiskey or bourbon, lemon, simple syrup and mint. The competition heats up when guests add in their choice of ingredients to muddle in, from our ingredient buffet.  Each guest or team will choose from a selection of muddle-able ingredients (e.g. peach, rosemary, rasberry, etc.).  The choice of ingredients the guest(s) choose, plus the lemon and mint, are muddled together before whiskey is added with simple syrup and everything is shaken, or “smashed”, with ice.  Served in a short glass full of crushed ice, it makes a refreshing cocktail to sip at any hour. 

The cocktail will be judged by our spirit specialist on several standard components (Balance, Taste, Presentation, etc..) Part of the fun in this cocktail is that to make it great you have to shake really hard! 

Winner(s) or all participants, will each get a gift to take home selected by you. Options include: a cocktail kit, Old Fashioned kit, an infusion kit, barrel aging kit, e-voucher for bottle delivery, more. (Cost dependent on selection and number of guests.)