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Italy is often regarded as having four distinctly different areas that contain 20 unique regions. This journey takes you through the most common Italian white wine grapes from Pino Grigio and Cortese to Fiano and Moscato.

The two hour session is led by our wine-pro, a certified sommelier, who will identify the primary white wine styles of Italy, how they taste, and provide you with some take home knowledge and high level cheat sheets for your next Italian Wine night.  Each main course wine will be experienced through our culinary sensory garden (every place setting has their own culinary sensory garden).  Lastly, mingle with friends/guests/co-workers in between wine courses.

Food Menu: Large, private-event style pairing buffet featuring a wide array of veggies and dips in addition to a charcuterie of cured meats, bread, hummus, pitas, and cheese board (optional upgrades available).

Total Private Event Cost: $119/guest+tax