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Alexander James Straight Bourbon Whiskey


750ml, bottle

Alexander James Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a celebration of American tradition and Black excellence. Crafted in Chicago, this bourbon uses charred oak barrels to mature the spirit for 3 years, resulting in a rich and flavorful expression.



Opens with aromas of vanilla and caramel, classic bourbon notes influenced by the charred oak barrels. Hints of toasted oak and a touch of spice (like cinnamon or clove) add complexity.


Medium-bodied and smooth with a wave of sweetness. The vanilla and caramel flavors from the nose translate beautifully. Hints of toasted oak  and baking spices emerge, adding depth. Depending on the drinker’s sensitivity, a touchof peppery spice from the rye grain might be present.


Relatively short and crisp, with lingering sweetness and a touch of oak dryness. The spice from the palate might linger slightly, creating a pleasant warmth.

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Alexander James Whiskey


750ml, bottle


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