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Bevridge American Single Malt Tasting Kit by Whisky Live


50ml, bottle

Embark on a journey through the innovative world of American Single Malt with the Bevridge American Single Malt Tasting Kit. Curated by industry professionals, this kit features 10 masterfully chosen 50ml bottles from six of the most respected American single malt producers. Alongside a tasting brochure, it provides everything you need to discover the unique expressions and rising stars of American whiskey.


What’s Included?

This kit offers a curated selection of American single malts, allowing you to compare and contrast the diverse styles produced across the US. Each bottle is a 50ml size, perfect for a single serving and allowing you to taste a wide variety without a large commitment. The accompanying brochure provides insights into each whiskey’s origin, production process, and tasting notes, guiding you through your exploration.

Additional information

Product Type



Single Malt


United States




50ml, bottle


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