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Bruichladdich Bere 2012 Single Malt Whisky


750ml, bottle

Bruichladdich Bere 2012 single malt Scotch whisky is crafted with an ancient barley strain - Bere barley. This unconventional grain contributes a distinct character to the whisky, while maturation in first-fill ex-bourbon casks delivers a well-balanced and intriguing flavor profile.


Bruichladdich Bere 2012 offers a flavor profile unlike typical Islay whiskies. The Bere barley is the star of the show, potentially introducing:

Fruity Notes: Expect hints of apricot, peach, and maybe even some citrus, different from the typical Islay peat influence.

Maltiness: The Bere barley contributes a distinct grainy sweetness and a touch of earthiness.

Islay Influence and Balance:

While not peated, the Bruichladdich distillery on Islay might impart some subtle maritime notes:

Hint of Sea Salt: A touch of salinity can add complexity and freshness to the overall profile.

Ex-Bourbon Cask Maturation:

The 10-year aging in first-fill ex-bourbon casks adds further complexity:

Vanilla & Caramel: These classic notes from bourbon casks provide sweetness and balance the Bere barley’s grainy character.

Oak Spice: Subtle hints of oak spice (like clove) might emerge from the interaction with the charred oak barrels.

Overall Experience

Bruichladdich Bere 2012 is a unique and exciting single malt for those seeking to explore beyond traditional flavor profiles. The Bere barley shines with its fruity and malty character, balanced by the sweetness and spice from the ex-bourbon casks. Expect a smooth and intriguing whisky experience, showcasing the influence of an ancient grain and the subtle maritime touch of Islay.

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750ml, bottle


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