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Golden Moon Colorado Single Malt Whiskey

750ml, bottle

Golden Moon Colorado Single Malt whiskey is a handcrafted whiskey made entirely in Colorado. Distilled from 100% malted barley grown in the region, it's aged in new American oak casks for a minimum of one year, then finished in used oak casks for added complexity. This single malt offers a unique taste of Colorado in every sip.


Since Golden Moon doesn’t disclose specific aging details, the exact taste profile can vary. However, here’s a potential breakdown based on the production method:

Malty Core

Expect a prominent malty character with notes of biscuit, bread dough, and maybe a hint of honey.

New American Oak Influence

The initial aging in new oak casks likely imparts bold flavors like:

Vanilla: A prominent note from the interaction of the whiskey with the charred new oak barrels.

Caramel: Sweet notes of caramel can also emerge, adding complexity.

Spice: Hints of baking spices like cinnamon or clove might be present due to the new oak’s influence.

Used Oak Finish

The final touch in used oak casks can add:

Subtle Wood Notes: Hints of cedar or other wood notes can emerge, depending on the type of used casks used.

Mellowed Character: Used casks can impart a smoother and more rounded profile compared to new oak.

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Single Malt




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Golden Moon


750ml, bottle


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