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Gun Fighter Bourbon Double Cask – Port Finish


750ml, bottle

This innovative Gun Fighter Bourbon Double Cask – Port Finish breaks the mold. Gun Fighter Double Cask starts with a Kentucky bourbon aged in new American oak barrels for bold, classic flavors. It then receives a unique finishing touch in Port wine casks, infusing the bourbon with notes of fruit and sweetness for a complex and delicious experience.


Gun Fighter Double Cask – Port Finish offers a unique twist on traditional bourbon. 

Classic Bourbon Base

The initial aging in new American oak barrels imparts the foundation of classic bourbon notes:

Vanilla: A prominent sweetness reminiscent of vanilla bean.

Caramel: Hints of rich, buttery caramel add complexity.

Oak Spice: Subtle notes of baking spices like clove and cinnamon come from the interaction with the oak barrel.

Port Wine Cask Finish

The magic happens here. The Port casks likely contribute:

Fruit: Expect a delightful medley of red fruit flavors like raisin, plum, or cherry. The specific fruit notes depend on the type of Port used.

Sweetness: Port wines are known for their sweetness, which adds another layer to the bourbon’s flavor profile.

Chocolate: Some Port-finished bourbons develop subtle hints of chocolate, adding depth and richness.

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Gun Fighter


750ml, bottle


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