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Duke Extra Añejo Tequila Founder’s Limited Edition

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750ml, bottle

This limited-edition Duke Extra Añejo Tequila Founder's Limited Edition celebrates the founder's love for Mexico. Crafted from hand-picked agave and aged for six years in American whiskey barrels and finished in French Grand Cru wine barrels, it offers a complex and luxurious taste profile with hints of cherry, oak, and pure agave.


Duke Extra Añejo Tequila Founder’s Limited Edition boasts a unique aging process that creates a complex flavor profile.

Agave Base

Expect a foundation of pure agave sweetness and a characteristic earthy note.

American Oak Whiskey Barrels

These contribute hints of vanilla, caramel, and baking spices (like cinnamon or clove) from the previous whiskey.

French Grand Cru Wine Barrel Finish

This unique touch adds a layer of complexity with potential notes of red fruit (like cherry), subtle tannins, and a touch of floral character.

Overall Experience

This limited-edition tequila promises a luxurious and smooth experience. The extended aging and unique cask combination create a complex flavor profile with a balance of agave sweetness, oak spice, and a hint of fruitiness from the wine barrel finish.  Enjoy it neat or on the rocks to fully appreciate the nuanced flavors.

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750ml, bottle


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