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Ignite Vodka

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750ml, bottle

Ignite Vodka is a premium American vodka, distilled from corn and known for its smooth and clean taste. Created by party icon Dan Bilzerian, it's designed to be enjoyed without needing mixers to mask any harsh flavors. Perfect for those seeking a high-quality vodka for their next gathering or to elevate their favorite cocktails.


American Corn Base

Subtle Sweetness: Corn, the primary grain used, can impart a hint of natural sweetness to the vodka. This sweetness shouldn’t be overpowering, but rather a subtle note in the background.

Clean and Neutral: Distillation aims to remove most of the corn’s original flavors and aromas, leaving behind a clean and neutral spirit as the base.

Distillation and Filtration

Column Still Distillation: This method allows for continuous distillation, ensuring consistency and efficiency in removing impurities.

UV Charcoal Filtration: The vodka is further filtered using ultraviolet light and charcoal. This process can:

Enhance Smoothness: The charcoal filtration can absorb any remaining impurities that might contribute to harshness, further refining the vodka’s smoothness.

Refined Taste: The UV light and charcoal might also contribute to a slightly more refined taste profile.

Overall Taste Profile

Ignite Vodka prioritizes a clean and smooth drinking experience. Expect a neutral spirit with minimal flavors. 

Subtle Sweetness: A hint of sweetness from the corn base might be present, but it shouldn’t be the dominant flavor.

Clean and Crisp: The distillation and filtration processes aim to create a clean and crisp vodka with minimal aftertaste.

Possible Hint of Spice (optional): Some corn vodkas might exhibit a very subtle peppery spice on the finish. However, this wouldn’t be a prominent feature and might not be noticeable by everyone.

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750ml, bottle


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