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Ketel One Vodka with Two Limited Edition Martini Glasses

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750ml, bottle

Elevate your cocktail hour with this Ketel One Vodka with Two Limited Edition Martini Glasses. It includes a bottle of Ketel One's signature smooth vodka, crafted with meticulous care, paired with two limited edition martini glasses. This makes it a perfect gift for the vodka enthusiast or a stylish addition to your own home bar.


Ketel One Vodka

Meticulously Crafted: Ketel One takes pride in its meticulous production process. They use only non-GMO grain, ensuring high-quality ingredients.

Distillation Magic: The vodka is distilled using a unique combination of traditional copper pot stills and modern column distillation. This dual approach allows them to capture the character of the grain while achieving exceptional smoothness.

Taste Profile: Expect a clean and crisp vodka with a subtle sweetness on the palate. The smoothness is what Ketel One is known for, making it a perfect base for a wide range of cocktails.

Limited Edition Martini Glasses

These specially designed martini glasses elevate the experience. While the exact design may vary, here are some potential features:

Elegant Design: Imagine sleek and stylish martini glasses that complement the Ketel One brand. They might have a classic martini shape with a modern twist, or perhaps a unique stem design.

Perfect Presentation: The glasses are designed to showcase your expertly crafted cocktails. The shape can help enhance the aromas and flavors of your creations.

Limited Edition Collectability: The fact that they’re limited edition adds a special touch. They become not just functional glasses, but a conversation starter or a cherished addition to your home bar collection.

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Original Vodka






Ketel One


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Crisp, lively tingle



Long, with subtle flavors



Signature silky softness coat your tongue