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Plume & Petal Cucumber Splash

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750ml, bottle

Plume & Petal Cucumber Splash offers a refreshing twist on classic vodka. This 20% ABV gluten-free vodka is infused with natural and delicate flavors, including cucumber, lemongrass, and chamomile tea, with a hint of honey for a balanced sweetness. Perfect for poolside sipping or crafting unique cocktails.


Base Vodka

Gluten-Free: This caters to those with gluten sensitivities.

Clean and Smooth: The base vodka provides a clean and smooth foundation for the infused flavors to shine. Expect a neutral spirit character with minimal impact on the overall taste.

Infused Flavors

Cucumber: This is the star of the show! Expect a refreshing and cooling cucumber note upfront. Imagine the crispness of a freshly sliced cucumber with a hint of vegetal character.

Lemongrass: This citrusy and slightly herbal botanical adds complexity. Look for a subtle citrus zest and a touch of grassy or lemongrass-like aroma, complementing the cucumber’s coolness.

Chamomile Tea: This delicate flower brings a calming and floral touch. It might present as a subtle hint of sweetness and a very light floral aroma, adding a touch of elegance to the profile.

Honey: A touch of honey adds a hint of sweetness and helps balance the other flavors. This sweetness should be subtle and not overpowering, preventing the vodka from becoming cloying.

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Flavored Vodka




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Plume & Petal


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Easy summer days come alive with aromas and delicateƒ?? flavor of cucumber, lemongrass and chamomile tea. The liquid is grounded with a delicate mouthfeel of honey, letting the natural, cool taste of fresh cucumber shine through.