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Ardbeg 10 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky


750ml, bottle

Ardbeg 10 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a revered expression for peat lovers around the world. Hailing from the windswept Isle of Islay, this whisky is known for its intense smoky character, balanced by notes of sweet vanilla, citrus, and a touch of sea spray. The powerful smoke and bold flavors make it a true Islay single malt experience, perfect for those who appreciate a robust and dramatic dram.


Ardbeg 10 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a bold and unapologetic expression of Islay peat. The use of heavily peated malt and maturation in ex-bourbon casks contributes to a powerful and smoky flavor profile.


Prepare for a powerful opening act. A wave of intense smoke hits you first, with notes of campfire, iodine, and medicinal peat. As the intensity subsides, hints of sweet vanilla and lemon emerge, offering a refreshing counterpoint. A touch of sea spray and brine might also be present, a signature characteristic of Islay whiskies matured near the coast.


The full-bodied character coats your tongue with a luxurious weight. The initial taste is an explosion of smoke, mirroring the aroma. Campfire, char, and medicinal peat flavors dance on the palate, offering a powerful and complex experience. The sweet vanilla and citrus notes from the aroma translate beautifully, adding a touch of balance and intrigue. A touch of honey or caramel sweetness might also emerge from the ex-bourbon casks. The sea spray and brine character lingers in the background, adding a touch of minerality.


The smoke fades gradually, leaving a long and warming finish. Hints of medicinal peat, oak char, and a touch of citrus linger on the palate. The sea spray influence creates a lingering salinity that complements the smoky notes.

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750ml, bottle


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