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Ardbeg Ardcore Limited Edition

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750ml, bottle

A powerful and limited-edition Islay single malt from Ardbeg, known for its peaty whiskies. Ardcore features an intense flavor profile thanks to heavily roasted black malt, described as "in-your-face" and perfect for hardcore Ardbeg fans.


Ardbeg Ardcore, a limited-edition Islay single malt, lives up to its name with an in-your-face peaty punch. Aged for nearly a decade in ex-bourbon barrels, primarily first-fill, it delivers the classic Ardbeg smokiness cranked up to eleven. But Ardcore isn’t just about peat. The addition of heavily roasted black malt adds a layer of complexity, introducing notes of burnt toast, coffee, and even a touch of savory Marmite.

On the nose, expect a battle between sweet and smoky. The familiar Ardbeg medicinal peat is present, mingling with surprising hints of grapefruit zest and menthol. As it opens up, deeper notes of bonfire smoke and molasses emerge, creating a truly captivating aroma.

The first sip hits with a spicy and fiery intensity. Aniseed and rich, smoky flavors explode on the palate, joined by cocoa powder, dark chocolate, and a surprising hint of peanut brittle. A wave of citrus cuts through the richness, with flashes of orange zest and lemon. Don’t be surprised by some underlying herbal notes that add another layer of intrigue.

The finish is long and lingering, leaving you with a satisfying combination of salty liquorice, earthy leather, and a touch of cedar. Throughout the experience, the smoky influence remains constant, a hallmark of Ardbeg’s Islay character.

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750ml, bottle


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