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Arran Barrel Reserve Single Malt

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750ml, bottle

Arran Barrel Reserve Single Malt is a fresh, light, and approachable single malt from the Isle of Arran distillery. Matured entirely in bourbon casks, it emphasizes Arran's signature sweet and fruity notes. Enjoy it neat, with a splash of water, or in cocktails.


The Arran Barrel Reserve is a single malt that sings with the sweet and fruity character that the Isle of Arran distillery is known for. Unlike many single malts that come with age statements, the Barrel Reserve is a no-age-statement expression, matured exclusively in first-fill ex-bourbon barrels. This unique maturation process gives it a youthful vibrancy while the bourbon casks impart their own layer of flavor.

On the nose, the Arran Barrel Reserve is a delightful exploration of fresh and inviting scents. Imagine a gentle sea breeze carrying the aroma of citrus groves, ripe orchard apples, and warm vanilla pods. The influence of the bourbon barrels is evident in the subtle hints of caramel and baking spices that peek through.

The first sip delivers a smooth and well-balanced experience. The sweetness of orchard fruits, like pears and apples, takes center stage, complemented by a touch of zesty citrus and warming spices. The influence of the bourbon emerges again with whispers of creamy vanilla and hints of charred oak, adding a touch of complexity.

As you savor the dram, the flavors continue to evolve on the palate. The sweetness gives way to a touch of peppery spice, a testament to the island character of Arran. The maritime influence also makes a subtle return, leaving a refreshing hint of sea salt on the tongue.

The finish of the Arran Barrel Reserve is medium-length, leaving a pleasant and lingering aftertaste. The citrus and spice notes from the palate make a final flourish, reminding you of the delightful journey you’ve just embarked on.

Overall, the Arran Barrel Reserve is a single malt that is both approachable and engaging. Its lighter style and emphasis on sweet fruit flavors make it a great choice for those new to single malts or those who prefer a more easy-drinking whisky. The use of ex-bourbon barrels adds a touch of complexity without overwhelming the delicate spirit. Whether you enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or in a well-crafted cocktail, the Arran Barrel Reserve is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Lemon, citrus fruits and green apple.



Vanilla sweetness coats the palate with light cinnamon notes in the background.



Lingering and subtle, with hints of sweet oak and a good balance between fruit and spice.



Light gold.