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Balcones Cask Strength Fr. Oak Aged Single Malt S1B61

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750ml, bottle

This limited-edition Balcones Cask Strength Fr. Oak Aged Single Malt S1B61 boasts a unique cask-aging process. Crafted from single malt whiskey, it matures in French oak (Fr. Oak) barrels, known for imparting distinct flavors compared to traditional American oak. Bottled at cask strength for an unfiltered experience, S1B61 promises a bold and complex flavor profile.


French oak offers a distinct alternative to the typical American oak used for aging bourbon and rye. Here’s a potential taste profile breakdown:

French Oak Influence: Expect unique notes compared to American oak. French oak can impart:

Spice: Think baking spices like clove, cinnamon, and maybe a touch of nutmeg.

Fruity Notes: Hints of berries, citrus, or even tropical fruits can emerge, depending on the char level of the cask.

Floral Character: Some describe a delicate floral note from French oak, adding complexity.

Single Malt Base: The underlying malt character contributes:

Biscuity & Grainy Notes: These provide the foundation of the flavor profile.

Honey & Vanilla: Subtle sweetness can come from the malting and aging process.

Cask Strength Bottling

Bottling at cask strength means the whiskey is not diluted with water after aging. This preserves its original character and might result in a higher alcohol content, leading to a more intense flavor experience.

Overall Experience

Balcones Cask Strength Fr. Oak Aged Single Malt S1B61 is an exciting choice for adventurous whiskey drinkers. The French oak cask imparts unique spice, fruit, and floral notes, setting it apart from whiskies aged in traditional American oak. The single malt base adds a grainy foundation with hints of sweetness. Bottled at cask strength, expect a bold and unfiltered expression.

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750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Dark fruit, cloves, cinnamon, charred sugar, dark chocolate brownie.



Fig, chocolate, charred oak, molasses, cloves, leather.



Baking spices, stewed fruit, and tobacco.