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Balcones Texas Rye 100

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750ml, bottle

Balcones Texas Rye 100 is a bold and flavorful rye whiskey that celebrates Texas-grown rye grain. Distilled in copper pot stills for a full-bodied character, this 100% rye mashbill whiskey boasts a unique flavor profile that reflects the Lone Star State's hot climate and independent spirit.



The initial nose explodes with rye spice.  Imagine a wave of black pepper tingling in your nostrils, followed by a gentle warmth from cinnamon.  This spiciness is the hallmark of rye whiskey, and Balcones Texas Rye 100 doesn’t hold back.  However, beneath the spice, a subtle sweetness emerges.  Think of a hint of honey or a touch of caramel.  This sweetness comes from the rye grain itself and the maturation process, and it helps balance the bold spiciness, creating a more inviting aroma.


The first sip confirms the boldness promised by the aroma.  The rye spice hits your tongue first, offering a powerful kick of black pepper.  This isn’t an overwhelming heat, but a delightful tingle that awakens your taste buds.  Following the initial peppery punch, a wave of cinnamon warmth washes over your palate.  This combination of black pepper and cinnamon creates a complex spicy character that’s a signature of Balcones Texas Rye 100.


As the whiskey lingers on your tongue, you might detect a surprising note of sweetness.  Imagine a touch of honey adding a touch of floral sweetness and balancing the spice beautifully.  There might also be a hint of caramel, offering a richer and more decadent sweetness.  These unexpected sweet notes come from the rye grain itself and the way it interacts with the Texas climate during maturation.  They help prevent the rye spice from becoming overwhelming and add a layer of complexity to the flavor profile.

Beyond Sweetness

As the sweetness subsides, a hint of dark chocolate might emerge.  This isn’t a dominant flavor, but a subtle touch that adds depth and richness to the experience.  Imagine a whisper of cocoa powder or a touch of bittersweet chocolate lurking in the background.  Additionally, a hint of dried fruit like raisin or dried cherry might appear.  These fruity notes add another layer of intrigue and complexity, showcasing the unique character of Texas-grown rye grain.


The finish of Balcones Texas Rye 100 is long and warming, ensuring a satisfying conclusion.  The rye spice remains the most prominent element, with lingering notes of black pepper and a touch of cinnamon.  However, the oak influence from the aging barrels also makes an appearance.  Imagine a dry and slightly tannic presence that adds structure to the finish.  This oakiness doesn’t overpower the spice, but it balances it out, creating a well-rounded and lasting impression.  A hint of the honey or caramel sweetness might also make a final appearance, leaving a subtle touch of sweetness on your tongue.

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750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Stewed apples on the nose with cinnamon oak, spice, and rye bread.



The finish is long and robust with oak, dark chocolate, and brown sugar.



The palate is warming with cocoa, tobacco, and malt.