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Barrell Bourbon Batch 34


750ml, bottle

Barrell Bourbon Batch 34 is a blend of straight bourbons aged 6, 8, 10, and 15 years.  Sourced from undisclosed distilleries in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana, it offers a complex and well-rounded flavor profile. The wheated bourbon character shines through, complemented by hints of dark fruit, spice, and earthiness.


Barrell Bourbon Batch 34 showcases their blending expertise.

Wheated Bourbon Base

The undisclosed mash bill likely leans towards a higher wheat content. This translates to a smoother and sweeter character compared to rye-heavy bourbons. Expect notes of biscuit, vanilla, and a hint of honey.

Age Influence

The blend uses a range of ages, with some components reaching 15 years. This contributes depth and complexity. Look for hints of dried fruit (like raisin or prune), baking spices (cinnamon, clove), and a touch of oak from the aging casks.

Fruity Notes

The 8-year-old barrels with high corn content might introduce notes of dark cherry or apricot, adding a touch of sweetness and complexity.


Depending on the specific sources, there could be hints of peppery spice from rye grain used in some of the bourbons in the blend.

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Barrell Craft Spirits


750ml, bottle


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