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BLACKENED™ American Whiskey

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750ml, bottle

BLACKENED™ American Whiskey is a unique collaboration between the legendary rock band Metallica and award-winning whiskey maker Dave Pickerell. This blend takes a rye-dominate base and finishes it in black brandy casks, creating a complex and full-bodied whiskey with a story to tell. Expect a symphony of dark fruit, spice, and subtle smoke, all wrapped up in a smooth and satisfying finish. Whether you're a Metallica fan or simply a whiskey enthusiast seeking a new adventure, BLACKENED™ offers a distinctive and flavorful experience.


BLACKENED™ American Whiskey breaks the mold with its rye-forward base and unique black brandy cask finishing. The result is a bold and flavorful expression that’s both challenging and rewarding.


The initial impression offers a rye-centric spiciness with hints of black pepper and clove. As you delve deeper, dark fruit notes like plum and cherry emerge, hinting at the influence of the black brandy casks. Subtle hints of smoke and vanilla sweetness might also be present, adding complexity.


The medium-bodied character offers a satisfying weight on the tongue. The initial taste is a powerful explosion of rye spice, with black pepper and clove taking center stage. The dark fruit character from the aroma translates beautifully to the palate, offering a sweet and tart counterpoint to the spice. A hint of smoke adds depth and intrigue, while the black brandy cask influence contributes subtle notes of vanilla and dried fruit. The overall impression is one of boldness and harmony, with the different flavor components working together to create a unique experience.


The spice and sweetness fade gradually, leaving a medium-length finish. Hints of smoke, oak, and dark fruit linger on the palate. The black brandy cask influence offers a touch of lingering sweetness and complexity.

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750ml, bottle


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