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Blackland Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon


750ml, bottle

Blackland Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon infuses Texas whiskey with the taste of pecan pie. This small-batch bourbon uses locally sourced grains and pecan essence alongside Muscovado sugar to create a unique and flavorful spirit. Expect a delightful interplay of sweet pecan, brown sugar, and classic bourbon notes, offering a smooth and sippable experience perfect for those with a sweet tooth or a curious palate.


Blackland Texas Pecan Brown Sugar Bourbon offers a unique twist on the bourbon experience. The pecan essence and Muscovado sugar add a layer of sweetness and nuttiness that complements the underlying bourbon character.


The initial impression offers a sweet and inviting aroma. Dominant notes of brown sugar and pecan pie filling emerge, creating a mouthwatering introduction. As you delve deeper, the underlying bourbon character starts to reveal itself with hints of vanilla and caramel. A touch of baking spice like nutmeg or cinnamon might also be present.


The medium-bodied character offers a satisfying weight on the tongue. The initial taste is a delightful explosion of sweetness. Brown sugar and pecan flavors take center stage, replicating the aroma beautifully. The underlying bourbon character starts to emerge with hints of vanilla, caramel, and oak. The sweetness is balanced by a touch of spice, creating a pleasant complexity. Depending on the batch, you might also detect a subtle hint of rye spice, adding a touch of warmth to the finish.


The sweetness fades gradually, leaving a medium-length finish. Hints of pecan and brown sugar linger on the palate, along with a touch of oak from the bourbon aging. The spice notes might leave a final whisper of warmth.

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Blackland Distilling


750ml, bottle


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