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Bladnoch 11 Year Old

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750ml, bottle

Bladnoch 11 Year Old is a single malt whisky matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks. This limited release from the rebooted distillery offers a refreshing and sweet expression. Master Distiller Dr. Nick Savage hand selects each cask to create a whisky with notes of honey, citrus, and cut grass.


The Bladnoch 11 Year Old offers a delightful exploration for your senses, thanks to its maturation exclusively in ex-bourbon casks. Here’s a breakdown of the potential flavor profile you might encounter:


Honey: The initial aroma greets you with a sweetness reminiscent of golden honey. This sweetness can also suggest hints of honeycomb or beeswax.

Vanilla: Delicate notes of vanilla weave through the honey, adding a creamy and comforting complexity. Imagine the sweet aroma of vanilla pods or freshly baked vanilla cake.

Red Berries: A hint of tartness emerges with the presence of red berries. Think of ripe cherries or cranberries, adding a touch of vibrancy to the sweetness.

Apples: A crisp and clean scent of apples complements the sweetness. Imagine freshly cut green apples or orchard fruits, providing a refreshing counterpoint.


Baked Apples: The initial sweetness on the nose translates to a richer flavor of baked apples on the palate. Imagine warm apple pie filling or caramelized apples, with hints of cinnamon or brown sugar.

Cherries: The red berry notes from the nose carry over to the palate, but with a more pronounced cherry flavor. This could be a juicy sweetness of fresh cherries or a deeper, richer taste of dried cherries.

Sandalwood: A subtle, unexpected note of sandalwood might emerge on the palate. This adds a touch of woody earthiness and a hint of spice, creating an intriguing layer of complexity.


Medium Length: The finish of the Bladnoch 11 Year Old is satisfying without being overly lingering. It allows you to appreciate the full range of flavors without feeling overwhelmed.

Sweet: The sweetness from the honey and vanilla carries through to the finish, leaving a pleasant and lingering sensation.

Refreshing: Despite the sweetness, the influence of ex-bourbon casks and the presence of fruit notes create a refreshing finish. Imagine a clean and invigorating aftertaste.

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750ml, bottle


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