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Brother’s Bond Straight Bourbon Whiskey Original Cask Strength

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750ml, bottle

This limited release bourbon is bottled uncut and unfiltered at cask strength, showcasing its full-bodied flavor. Aged for at least 4 years in virgin oak barrels, it boasts a complex profile with notes of dried fruit, caramel, vanilla, and rye spice.


This limited-edition bourbon is a treat for discerning whiskey drinkers, bottled in its purest form – uncut and unfiltered at cask strength. This method of bottling highlights the distinct character of every barrel, resulting in a richer and more intricate flavor profile when compared to diluted versions.

Brother’s Bond Original Cask Strength is a four-grain straight bourbon, where the high rye content (22%) takes center stage. Aged for at least four years in virgin American oak barrels with a deep char on the staves and a lighter char on the heads, this bourbon picks up a rich tapestry of flavors from the wood.

The first impression comes from the inviting aroma. Imagine indulging in the sweetness of ripe bananas, rich caramel, and warm vanilla, all interwoven with a surprising hint of earthy walnut and a touch of dried fruit. The flavor bursts on the tongue, presenting a delightful interplay of sweetness and savory notes. Honey and luscious dried fruit notes take the lead, complemented by the warming spice of rye and a subtle leatheriness. This complexity continues through the long finish, where a touch of smoke lingers, leaving a pleasant warmth on your tongue.

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Brother's Bond


750ml, bottle


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