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Bruichladdich® Port Charlotte SC:01 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky


750ml, bottle

This Bruichladdich® Port Charlotte SC:01 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, is a celebration of Islay barley. The single malt whisky uses 100% Islay-grown barley and is matured in a unique combination of casks. Expect a smoky and complex flavor profile characteristic of Islay whiskies, with hints of stone fruit and a touch of sweetness.


Since Bruichladdich doesn’t disclose the exact aging time, specific details are limited. 

Islay Smoke

The signature characteristic of Islay whiskies, imparted by peat fires used during the malting process. Expect a smoky and peaty aroma and taste.

Stone Fruits

The sherry butt and Sauternes wine cask finishing might introduce hints of peaches, apricots, and maybe even honeyed melon.

Vanilla & Caramel

These notes can come from the American whiskey barrels, adding sweetness and complexity to balance the smoke.

Malty Character

The use of 100% Islay barley might contribute a subtle grainy sweetness and a hint of biscuit to the flavor profile.

Overall Experience

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte SC:01 promises a classic Islay experience with a unique twist. The prominent Islay smoke is balanced by hints of stone fruit, vanilla, and caramel. The use of 100% Islay barley adds a touch of local character. Expect a complex and smoky single malt with a surprising touch of sweetness on the finish.

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750ml, bottle


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