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Compass Box Juveniles


750ml, bottle

Compass Box Juveniles is a limited-edition blended malt Scotch whisky created in collaboration with Parisian wine bar Juveniles. This unique spirit combines single malts from four undisclosed Scottish distilleries, resulting in a bright, smooth, and easy-drinking dram.



The initial whiff of Compass Box Juveniles offers a burst of freshness. Prominent notes of barley sugar hit you first, reminiscent of those hard candies from your childhood. This sweetness is quickly joined by the juicy aroma of pear drops, adding a touch of fruity vibrancy. Digging deeper reveals a hint of vanilla, adding a layer of sophistication and warmth. Underlying all of this is a subtle, yet intriguing, herbal character. This could be a whisper of spearmint or dried thyme, hinting at the undisclosed malts used in the blend.


The first sip of Juveniles is a delightful surprise. The initial impression is rich and creamy, a testament to the careful selection of malts in the blend. This smooth texture carries the wave of sweetness from the nose beautifully. The barley sugar and pear drop flavors take center stage, offering a sweet and playful character. As the flavors unfurl, hints of vanilla emerge, adding depth and complexity. Don’t miss the subtle touch of underlying spice, which might be a hint of cinnamon or nutmeg, adding a touch of warmth to the sweetness.


The finish is smooth and satisfying, leaving your palate wanting more. The sweetness from the barley sugar and pear drops fades slowly, but lingers pleasantly. A touch of the herbal character from the nose reappears, reminding you of the intriguing complexity of this blended malt.

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Blended Scotch






Compass Box


750ml, bottle


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