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Compass Box No Name II

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750ml, bottle

A limited edition blended malt Scotch whisky, Compass Box No Name II is a complex and smoky dram with a surprising sweetness. Peaty and coastal notes mingle with dried fruit and honey, creating a well-balanced and intriguing sipping experience.


Compass Box No Name No. 2 transcends the typical smoky whisky experience. This limited edition blended malt Scotch is a masterfully crafted symphony of bold peaty notes balanced by unexpected sweetness. Imagine yourself walking along a windswept Islay beach, the air thick with smoke from nearby peat fires. As you turn a corner, you stumble upon a hidden orchard bursting with ripe cherries. The contrasting aromas intertwine, creating a captivating sensory experience.

On the nose, No Name No. 2 opens with a powerful punch of peat smoke, reminiscent of a crackling bonfire on the beach. But beneath that initial wave lies a surprising sweetness – think ripe cherries, honey, and even a hint of salty air that evokes the coastal landscape. The palate continues the smoky theme, with a wave of peat mingling with honeyed malt and hints of dried berries. A touch of vanilla, likely from the small amount of new French oak used in the aging process, emerges subtly, adding a layer of complexity.

The finish is where No Name No. 2 truly shines. The smoky notes linger on the tongue, slowly fading to reveal the lingering sweetness of the fruit and honey. It’s a long and warming finish, leaving you wanting to come back for another sip to explore the intricate dance of flavors.

This limited edition whisky is a must-try for anyone who enjoys smoky Scotches, but also appreciates a touch of unexpected sweetness. It’s a testament to the art of blending, showcasing how different malt whiskies can come together to create a truly unique and unforgettable dram.

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Compass Box


750ml, bottle


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