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Compass Box The Story of The Spaniard

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750ml, bottle

Compass Box The Story of the Spaniard pays homage to the world of sherry. This blended malt Scotch whisky features a high percentage of whiskies matured in sherry casks, offering a rich and flavorful dram inspired by a chance encounter in Spain.



The initial nose welcomes you with a wave of sherry influence. Imagine swirling a glass of ruby-colored sherry and inhaling its rich and heady aroma. This sherry character isn’t overwhelming, but sets the stage for the flavors to come. Hints of dried fruits like raisin and prune might emerge first, hinting at the time the whisky spent maturing in sherry casks. These fruity notes are both sweet and slightly tart, adding a layer of complexity to the aroma.

Following the dried fruit, a touch of spice might appear. Imagine a whisper of cinnamon or a hint of nutmeg. This spice comes from the interaction between the sherry casks and the Highland malt whiskies used in the blend. It adds depth and warmth to the aroma, preventing it from being overly sweet.

Subtle hints of citrus peel might also emerge on the nose. Imagine a whisper of orange zest or a touch of lemon peel. These citrus notes add a touch of freshness and prevent the sherry influence from becoming cloying.


The first sip confirms the promise of the aroma – a rich and full-bodied experience brimming with sherry influence. The dried fruit character translates beautifully onto the palate, offering a delightful mix of raisin, prune, and maybe even a hint of dried apricot. These fruity notes come from the sherry casks and add sweetness and complexity to the flavor profile.

But beneath the fruitiness, a delightful counterpoint emerges. Imagine a wave of warming spices like cinnamon and a touch of clove. These spices come from the interaction between the sherry casks and the Highland malts, adding depth and complexity to the experience. They also prevent the sweetness from becoming overwhelming.


As the whiskey lingers on your tongue, you might detect a surprising note: a hint of red wine.  This isn’t a dominant flavor, but a subtle reminder of the influence of the sherry casks, which were previously used to age red wine. This red wine character adds a layer of intrigue and complexity to the midpalate.

Following the red wine note, a touch of vanilla cream might emerge. Imagine a subtle sweetness that adds a touch of richness and prevents the whisky from being overly dry. This creamy sweetness might also be accompanied by hints of ripe berries like strawberry or raspberry. These fruity notes add a touch of freshness and prevent the flavor profile from becoming one-dimensional.

The Highland Touch

While the sherry influence takes center stage, the Highland malt whiskies used in the blend also make their presence known. Imagine a subtle hint of malt character on the midpalate, reminding you of the whisky’s Scottish origins. This malt character adds a touch of earthiness and depth to the experience, keeping it grounded.

The Finish

The finish of The Story of the Spaniard is long and warming, ensuring a satisfying conclusion.  The dried fruit character remains noticeable, but it’s balanced by the lingering spice and a touch of oak. The oak character comes from the time the whisky spent maturing in casks, and it adds a touch of dryness and structure to the finish.

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Blended Scotch






Compass Box


750ml, bottle


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