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Deadwood Tumblin’ Dice Heavy Rye Bourbon 100 Proof


750ml, bottle

This Indiana-distilled Deadwood Tumblin' Dice Heavy Rye Bourbon 100 Proof is a bold choice for rye whiskey lovers.  The mashbill features 36% rye grain, lending spicy notes to the classic bourbon sweetness. Easy to drink at 100 proof, it's a great everyday bourbon for those who enjoy a kick.


The Duality of Corn and Rye:

Right off the bat, the nose of Tumblin’ Dice presents a fascinating dance between the classic bourbon sweetness from the corn (60% of the mashbill) and the spicy rye influence (36%). Imagine inhaling the aroma of a well-aged oak barrel that has housed vanilla pods, baking spices (think cinnamon and clove), and even a hint of cocoa nibs. But then, a peppery kick from the rye cuts through, adding a layer of complexity that keeps things interesting.

A Flavorful Journey:

The first sip takes you on a journey. The initial sweetness of caramel and peanut brittle, courtesy of the corn, greets your palate. This quickly gives way to a wave of dark fruit flavors, like plum or raisin, hinting at the rye’s contribution. The rye’s signature spice isn’t overwhelming, but it’s definitely there, adding a pleasant tingle that lingers on the tongue. Think of it like a whisper of black pepper that complements rather than overpowers the sweetness.

A Touch of the Unexpected:

As you savor the bourbon, subtler notes emerge. A hint of farmyard earthiness, a characteristic sometimes associated with rye whiskey, might peek through. 

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750ml, bottle


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