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Den of Thieves Chocolate Whiskey

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750ml, bottle

Den of Thieves Chocolate Whiskey is a small-batch bourbon infused with natural flavors of cocoa, dark roast coffee, and smoky oak. It offers a unique and delicious combination for those who enjoy a sweeter whiskey experience.



The initial aroma offers a warm and inviting invitation. You’ll likely be greeted first by the rich scent of dark chocolate, reminiscent of bittersweet baking cocoa or decadent brownies. Hints of vanilla and caramel, carried over from the bourbon base, weave in and out, adding a touch of sweetness. As you delve deeper, subtle notes of roasted coffee emerge, with a hint of smokiness that whispers of the oak aging process.


The first sip delivers a smooth and warming mouthfeel, thanks to the aged bourbon foundation. The chocolate flavor takes center stage, coating your palate with a rich, decadent sweetness. It’s not an overpowering sweetness, though – think more along the lines of dark chocolate with a hint of bitterness, rather than a milk chocolate bar. The coffee notes follow closely behind, adding a pleasing complexity and depth. They’re not bitter or burnt, but rather suggest a smooth, dark roast that complements the chocolate beautifully. The oak influence comes through subtly on the mid-palate, offering a touch of dryness and hinting at vanilla and spice.


The finish lingers pleasantly, with the chocolate and coffee notes fading slowly but surely. The oak becomes more prominent here, leaving a subtle dryness that balances the sweetness from the chocolate. A hint of warmth from the alcohol lingers at the back of your throat, reminding you of the spirit’s base.

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Den of Thieves Whiskey


750ml, bottle


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