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Dogfish Head Spirits Let’s Get Lost Single Malt Whiskey

750ml, bottle

This single malt whiskey from Dogfish Head challenges convention. Crafted with 100% malted barley and aged for at least 3 years, it offers a unique flavor profile that appeals to both whiskey enthusiasts and newcomers. The Delaware distillery's adventurous spirit shines through in this smooth and approachable single malt.


Since Dogfish Head doesn’t disclose specific details about the malting process or cask selection, the exact taste profile can vary slightly. 

Malty Core

Expect a grainy sweetness and bready character at the base, a hallmark of single malt whiskies.

Vanilla & Caramel

These notes likely come from the aging in charred oak barrels, adding sweetness and complexity.

Fruity Hints

Depending on the specific malting process, you might encounter subtle suggestions of apple, pear, or even tropical fruits.

American Oak Influence

Charred American oak barrels can impart notes of baking spices (like cinnamon and clove) and a hint of coconut, creating a distinct character compared to European oak-aged whiskies.

Overall Experience

Dogfish Head Let’s Get Lost Single Malt Whiskey is a great choice for those curious about American single malts. It offers a smooth and approachable experience with a focus on malty sweetness, balanced by hints of fruit, vanilla, and baking spices. The use of American oak adds a unique twist to the flavor profile, making it an interesting exploration for whiskey enthusiasts as well.

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Product Type



Single Malt




United States


Gold Medal, American Single Malt, L.A. Spirits Awards, 2020 92 Points "Outstanding", Whiskey Advocate, Winter 2020


Dogfish Head


750ml, bottle


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