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Du Nord Mixed Blood Whiskey

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750ml, bottle

This award-winning rye-forward whiskey is a blend of Du Nord's own craft bourbon and sourced whiskeys. Aged for at least two years, it offers a smooth taste with a spicy rye kick and hints of sweetness, making it perfect for sipping or cocktails.


Du Nord Mixed Blood Whiskey’s flavor profile is a delightful dance between the boldness of rye and the comforting sweetness of bourbon. 


  • Rye Spice: The rye grain shines through first, offering a peppery kick that wakes up your senses. It’s not overwhelming, but provides a distinct character.
  • Caramel and Vanilla: Subtle notes of caramel and vanilla emerge, creating a pleasant sweetness that balances the rye spice. Imagine hints of butterscotch candies or warm vanilla beans.
  • Fruity Hints: Some reviewers detect intriguing fruity notes, like ripe grapes, summer fruits, or even a touch of peach. These add a touch of complexity and unexpected delight to the aroma.


  • Smooth and Creamy Mouthfeel: The first sip surprises with a rich and creamy texture that coats your tongue pleasantly.
  • Rye Spice: The rye spice from the nose translates into a peppery warmth on the palate, not harsh but offering a satisfying tingle.
  • Sweetness: The sweetness detected on the nose carries over, offering hints of brown sugar, honey, or even a touch of caramel. 
  • Toasted Oak: Subtle notes of oak emerge, hinting at the whiskey’s aging process and adding a touch of complexity. It’s not overpowering but provides a pleasant foundation for the other flavors.
  • Fruity Echoes: The fruity hints from the nose may linger on the palate, adding another layer of intrigue.


  • Clean and Lingering: The finish is clean and refreshing, not overly astringent.
  • Touch of Rye Spice: A whisper of the rye spice lingers on the tongue, providing a satisfying warmth that fades gradually.

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Du Nord Social Spirits


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Honey, brown sugar and caramel arrive on the nose and return to the tongue with delicate sweetness.