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Egan’s Legacy II Irish Whiskey

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750ml, bottle

Egan's Legacy II Irish Whiskey is a rare and luxurious single malt, crafted by the Egan family, who boast a six-generation legacy in Irish whiskey. This 16-year-old expression is a limited edition, matured in American bourbon barrels and finished in Banyuls wine casks. Expect a complex and intriguing flavor profile with notes of vanilla, oak, expressive fruits, and a touch of spice. Perfect for collectors and connoisseurs seeking a unique Irish whiskey experience.


Egan’s Legacy II Irish Whiskey is a testament to the Egan family’s commitment to quality and innovation. The use of a single malt and unique cask finishing creates a flavor profile unlike many Irish whiskies.


The initial impression offers a delightful sweetness of vanilla extract and hints of toasted oak from the bourbon barrel maturation. As you delve deeper, the Banyuls wine cask influence starts to reveal itself with notes of dried fruit like raisin or fig, adding a touch of complexity.  Subtle baking spices like cinnamon or nutmeg might also emerge, hinting at the underlying malt character.


The medium-bodied character offers a smooth and satisfying mouthfeel. The initial taste is a delightful dance between sweetness, oak, and fruit. The vanilla extract from the aroma translates beautifully to the palate, complemented by hints of toasted oak character. The Banyuls wine cask influence emerges with subtle dried fruit flavors, adding a layer of intrigue.  The malt character provides a gentle foundation, with hints of baking spices like cinnamon or nutmeg adding warmth.


The sweetness fades gradually, leaving a medium-length finish. Hints of oak character linger alongside the subtle dried fruit notes. The warming spice character might also leave a fleeting whisper on the palate.

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750ml, bottle


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