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Elvis Straight Rye Whiskey

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750ml, bottle

Elvis Straight Rye Whiskey pays homage to the legendary musician's legacy with a bold and flavorful rye whiskey. This Kentucky rye uses a high rye mash bill for a spicy and peppery character, bottled at a potent proof to deliver a kick. Aged for an undisclosed amount of time, it offers a well-rounded rye experience perfect for sipping neat or using in classic cocktails.



Initial Impression: Prepare for a rock ‘n’ roll punch of rye spice right from the start. Black pepper takes center stage, with a sharp and invigorating kick. Hints of cinnamon and clove add warmth and complexity, creating a spicy perfume that awakens the senses. Depending on the specific age and origin of the sourced whiskey, you might detect a touch of dill or even a grassy herbal note, adding an unexpected twist.

Deeper Sniffs: As you delve deeper, a hint of sweetness emerges, offering a welcome counterpoint to the rye spice. Look for subtle notes of vanilla extract and caramel, hinting at the time spent maturing in charred oak barrels.  Some enthusiasts might detect a touch of honey or even a hint of baking spices like nutmeg, adding another layer of intrigue.  However, the undisclosed nature makes it difficult to predict the exact nuances of the aged character.


First Sip: The medium-bodied to full-bodied character (depending on the age of the sourced whiskey) fills your mouth with a satisfying weight. The 90 proof (45% ABV) delivers a noticeable warmth that complements the spicy rye flavor profile. The initial taste is a bold explosion of rye spice. Black pepper dominates, creating a tingling sensation on the tongue. Hints of cinnamon and clove add a layer of complexity, while the oak barrel influence might reveal itself with a subtle vanilla sweetness.

Midpalate: As the whiskey opens up, the interplay of flavors becomes more intriguing. The rye spice remains prominent, but the sweetness from the vanilla and caramel starts to emerge more noticeably. Depending on the specific batch, a hint of fruitiness like cherry or apple might appear, adding an unexpected twist. Since the age is undisclosed, it’s difficult to predict the development of more complex oak-derived flavors like toasted wood or baking spices. However, the rye character should remain the star of the show.


Lingering Flavors: The rye spice gradually fades, leaving a pleasant warmth and a touch of dryness on the palate. Hints of vanilla, caramel, and black pepper linger alongside a subtle oaky character. The overall finish is medium-length, allowing the flavors to linger without being overpowering.

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United States


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Elvis Whiskey


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Soft amber in color, with an aroma of sweet rye grassiness upfront, followed by hints of citrus and apple.



Flavor notes of toasted oak, butterscotch, vanilla wafers and a soft hint of pepper lead to a beautiful, sweet, complex finish with creamy mouth feel.