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FEW Cold Cut Bourbon

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750ml, bottle

FEW Cold Cut Bourbon is a unique spirit that combines classic bourbon with cold brew coffee. It's crafted by FEW Spirits, a small distillery in Evanston, Illinois, known for their innovative takes on whiskey. Aged in charred oak barrels and finished with cold brew coffee, FEW Cold Cut offers a smooth, rich flavor with hints of vanilla, caramel, spice, and of course, coffee.



Leading the charge: Familiar bourbon aromas like vanilla extract, buttery caramel, and hints of toasted oak will greet you first.

Subtle whispers: As you delve deeper, the influence of the cold brew coffee starts to emerge. Expect delicate notes of roasted coffee beans, perhaps even a touch of cocoa nibs or dark chocolate for some.

Fruity accents: Depending on your sensitivity, you might also pick up on whispers of dried fruits like orange zest or apple, adding a touch of brightness.


First impression: The initial sip delivers a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, a testament to the careful aging and finishing process.

Classic bourbon notes: Familiar flavors like vanilla bean and caramel come through prominently, along with a pleasant warmth from the rye grain in the mash bill. Baking spices like cinnamon and clove might also make an appearance, adding complexity.

Coffee’s subtle influence: Here’s where the magic happens. The cold brew coffee isn’t overpowering, but it adds a subtle depth of roasty bitterness and a hint of chocolate that complements the vanilla and caramel beautifully. Imagine a latte macchiato where the sweetness is dialed down, and the coffee essence gently lingers.

Oak influence: Don’t forget the oak barrel aging! Hints of vanilla, baking spices, and a touch of dryness peek through, adding structure and complexity to the overall flavor profile.


Long and lingering: The finish is where the coffee shines. It’s not harsh or bitter, but a pleasant echo of the roasted and chocolate notes. Hints of spice might linger as well, leaving a satisfying warmth on the palate.

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750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Smooth body and hints of coffee that build sip by sip. Doesn't overpower the unique, bold, FEW Spirits take on Bourbon.



Finish offers a soft and approachable profile that lingers on the palate. Uses cold steeped coffee vs hot brewed coffee to create a smoother, rounder, less-acidic experience.



Cinnamon and clove with dark rich roasted notes.