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Filmland Spirits Bundle: Moonlight Mayhem! & Ryes of the Robots

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This unique bundle from Filmland Spirits packs a punch with three rye whiskeys: Moonlight Mayhem!, Moonlight Mayhem! Extended Cut, and Ryes of the Robots. Each rye whiskey boasts a distinct flavor profile, perfect for rye enthusiasts or those seeking to explore the world of rye.


While specific details about each whiskey’s taste profile aren’t available,  expect a rye-forward experience in all three. Rye whiskey is known for its distinct characteristics:

Spicy Rye

The signature rye flavor, peppery and bold. It can range in intensity depending on the mash bill.

Hints of Sweetness

Rye whiskey can have underlying notes of caramel or vanilla from aging in charred oak barrels.


Rye whiskies can vary in smoothness depending on age and distillation methods.

Filmland Spirits doesn’t disclose details on mash bill, age, or proof for these rye whiskeys. This makes it difficult to predict the exact flavor profile for each. However, the  “Extended Cut” label might suggest a higher proof or longer aging for that particular Moonlight Mayhem! expression.

Overall, this bundle from Filmland Spirits offers a chance to explore rye whiskey and experience the variations it can present.  It’s a great gift set for rye lovers or those curious to try this bold type of whiskey.

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