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Four Roses 2016 Limited Edition Small Batch


750ml, bottle

This Four Roses 2016 Limited Edition Small Batch is a limited edition release from Four Roses, featuring a unique blend of their finest straight bourbons. Bottled at barrel proof for a potent kick, it offers a complex flavor profile with a rich and spicy character balanced by underlying sweetness. Released in 2016, this bourbon has become a collector's item for enthusiasts.


This coveted 2016 release from Four Roses is a masterpiece of blending, showcasing the unique character of their various bourbon recipes. Bottled uncut at barrel strength, it packs a powerful punch (around 55.6% ABV) that’s sure to tantalize bourbon aficionados.


The first whiff takes you on a journey. There’s a burst of fresh, orchard fruits like crisp green apples and sweet cherries, intertwined with the richer notes of ripe apricot. A subtle spiciness, characteristic of the rye grain used in some of the recipes, peeks through, adding complexity. Don’t be surprised to pick up hints of black tea leaves and a touch of baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg for a truly inviting aroma.


The initial wave on the tongue might surprise you. While Four Roses is known for its fruit-forward character, this limited edition leads with a rye influence.  Expect flavors of cherry licorice and star anise, followed by a wave of warming cinnamon and citrus zest. As the rye spice subsides, the promised fruit notes emerge – think sweet rhubarb and a decadent caramel that coats the palate. Subtle hints of mint and aged oak add further complexity, creating a truly layered experience.


The finish is long and satisfying, a testament to the careful aging process. Lingering notes of honey and a hint of cool mint create a delightful conclusion that leaves you wanting another sip.

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Four Roses


750ml, bottle


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