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Four Walls Irish American Whiskey

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750ml, bottle

Four Walls is a unique Irish American whiskey, a tribute to the camaraderie found in pubs. Four Walls Irish American Whiskey blends smooth, triple-distilled Irish grain and malt whiskeys with bold American rye whiskey. This marriage creates a complex and flavorful whiskey perfect for sipping neat, in cocktails, or even with your favorite beer.


Four Walls offers a flavor profile that bridges the gap between Irish and American whiskey. Here’s a breakdown of the potential taste:

Irish Whiskey Base

The grain and malt whiskeys contribute a smooth and easy-drinking foundation with notes of:

Honey: A classic characteristic of Irish whiskey.

Vanilla: Hints of vanilla sweetness from the aging process in charred oak barrels.

Malty Character: Subtle notes of biscuit or bread dough from the malted barley used.

American Rye Influence

The rye whiskey adds a layer of complexity with:

Peppery Spice: A signature rye note, ranging from mild to bold depending on the rye percentage.

Fruit: Rye grain can sometimes contribute hints of apple or pear, complementing the Irish whiskey base.

Overall Experience

Four Walls promises a smooth and flavorful whiskey experience. The Irish whiskey base provides a foundation of honeyed sweetness and vanilla, while the American rye whiskey adds a touch of peppery spice and complexity. This unique blend is perfect for those who enjoy exploring new flavor profiles and for fans of both Irish and American whiskeys. It’s versatile enough to enjoy neat, in cocktails, or even alongside your favorite beer.

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Four Walls


750ml, bottle


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