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Game of Thrones The Night’s Watch – Oban Bay Reserve Single Malt Whisky

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750ml, bottle

For fans of both Game of Thrones and smoky single malts, the Oban Bay Reserve "The Night's Watch" presents a unique collectible. This bottling of Oban's Bay Reserve single malt commemorates the stoic defenders of the Wall. While the core expression remains the same, the special edition label adds a touch of Westeros flair to your whisky cabinet.



The initial whiff is a delightful dance of contrasting elements. Imagine a coastal breeze carrying the salty tang of the sea intermingling with the gentle smoke from a distant campfire. This is the signature of Oban – a unique balance between maritime and smoky influences. As you delve deeper, a hint of sweetness might emerge, like the subtle aroma of honey or vanilla. Don’t be surprised if a touch of peppery spice tickles your nose as well, adding a touch of complexity.


The first sip confirms the complexity hinted at in the aroma. The smokiness takes center stage, but it’s not overpowering. Imagine the gentle smoke from a well-seasoned oak barrel, not the intense peat smoke found in some Islay whiskies. This smoke mingles beautifully with the sea salt character, creating a savory and intriguing experience.

Don’t let the smoke fool you; there’s a layer of sweetness lurking beneath the surface. Hints of honey and vanilla emerge on the palate, balancing the smoke and adding a touch of unexpected delight. This interplay between smoke, salt, and sweetness is what makes Oban Bay Reserve so unique. The peppery spice you detected in the aroma translates onto the palate as well, adding a touch of warmth and preventing the sweetness from becoming cloying.


As the whiskey lingers on your tongue, a new element might appear. A subtle hint of fruit might emerge, like a fleeting note of apple or pear. This fruity note adds a touch of freshness and keeps the flavor profile interesting.


The finish of Oban Bay Reserve “The Night’s Watch” is long and warming, a testament to the quality of the spirit. The smoke remains the lingering flavor, slowly fading but leaving a pleasant memory on your tongue. The sea salt character might linger as well, adding a touch of dryness that ensures a clean and refreshing conclusion. The fruit and spice notes might also make a final appearance, adding a touch of complexity to the finish.

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Single Malt




United Kingdom






750ml, bottle


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Balanced with a woody, spicy dryness