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George Dickel and Leopold Brothers Collaboration Blend Rye Whisky


750ml, bottle

A special limited-edition rye whiskey, George Dickel and Leopold Brothers Collaboration Blend Rye Whisky is a collaboration between Tennessee's George Dickel and Colorado's Leopold Brothers. It's a unique blend of their straight rye whiskeys, for a complex and flavorful drinking experience.


A Marriage of Styles 

This rye whiskey is a fascinating experiment in blending. George Dickel, known for their smooth Tennessee column still rye, joins forces with Leopold Brothers’ bold three chamber rye. The column still process produces a lighter bodied rye with a focus on fruity esters, while the three chamber method creates a spicier, more robust rye. This collaboration aims to recapture a historic rye whiskey style popular before Prohibition, offering a unique balance between these two distinctive approaches.

Aromatic Intrigue

The first impression comes from the inviting nose. Prepare for a delightful interplay of aromas. Floral notes, particularly rosewater and elderflower, take center stage, offering a surprising delicacy. Earthy undertones add complexity, hinting at fresh-cut wood and damp earth. Hints of spice, like black pepper and clove, peek through, adding a touch of intrigue. Sweetness emerges subtly with whispers of brown sugar and marshmallow, creating a well-rounded and inviting bouquet.

Flavorful Journey

The palate is where this rye whiskey truly shines. Don’t be fooled by the delicate nose – a wave of unexpected flavors awaits. Rosewater takes a more prominent role here, joined by the sweetness of honey and toffee. Rye spice asserts itself gradually, warming the tongue with a gentle tingle. Hints of citrus and blackberries add another layer of intrigue, creating a dynamic and evolving taste profile. The finish is where the magic happens. Expect a long, lingering warmth with lingering notes of earthy cocoa and a touch of black licorice, leaving a lasting impression.

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United States




Awarded a Double Gold medal at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition


George Dickel


750ml, bottle


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Tasting Notes



Lavender, elderflowers, dried rose petal, maple syrup, baking spices, rosemary, must and wool sweaters, charred marshmallows, cocoa nibs, and ripe red fruits - cherry and raspberry.



Earl grey tea, honey, stone fruit, must, black pepper, and cocoa nibs with a long, oily, warming finish.



Rosewater, blackberries, caramel, dark chocolate, lavender, figs, dates, and citrus with a very creamy texture.