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Gladstone Axe The Black Axe


750ml, bottle

The Gladstone Axe The Black Axe is a blended malt Scotch whisky made with a selection of whiskies from 14 Highland and Islay distilleries in Scotland. It is named after former UK Prime Minister William Gladstone, who was known for his love of axe-wielding. The Black Axe is known for its bold, malty aromas with hints of vanilla, toasted oak, and smoke.


Aroma (Nose)

Bold Malt: This forms the base of the aroma, giving a grainy and biscuity character. Imagine freshly baked bread or malt houses with a warm, yeasty scent.

Vanilla: Sweetness emerges with hints of vanilla bean or custard, creating a pleasant contrast to the malty base.

Toasted Oak: The oak barrels used for maturation contribute notes of toasted wood, adding a touch of dryness and complexity. Think of lightly charred wood or vanilla pods stored in oak cabinets.

Smoke: This is a signature characteristic of Islay whiskies used in the blend. It can range from a subtle smokiness like burning firewood to a more pronounced, peaty campfire aroma.

Taste (Palate)

Peat: The Islay influence continues on the palate, with a peaty flavor that can be earthy, medicinal, or slightly band-aid-like. It adds a unique depth and smokiness to the whisky.

Spice: Peppery notes often complement the peat, creating a warming sensation on the tongue. Imagine black peppercorns or a hint of ginger.

Caramel: Sweetness returns with a rich caramel flavor, reminiscent of buttery candies or toffee. This balances the smokiness and adds complexity.

Apricot: Fruity notes peek through, adding a touch of brightness and freshness. Imagine dried apricot or apricot jam.

Sea Salt: A subtle salinity can be present, particularly if the whisky used malts near the coast. This evokes a sense of the seaside and complements the other flavors.


Medium-length: The flavors linger on the tongue for a moderate amount of time, allowing you to appreciate the full range of the whisky.

Earthy: The peaty influence continues in the finish, with a lingering earthiness that can be reminiscent of damp soil or freshly turned earth.

Peppery: The warmth from the spice lingers, creating a pleasant tingling sensation.

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Blended Whiskey




Gladstone Axe


750ml, bottle


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